New updated message: This site is very old and my personal conditions changed a lot.
Today i am slowly back where i started and i choose not to delete this outdated site still.
I am not in the mood to explain now what made the changes in my life.
That story is too long now for here.

For my former library which is not any more existing in my home:

former library

16 oktober 2019 i wrote this.


THIS SPACE IS changing old ip [ ] in a new ip [ ] SO when a page NOT load, replace the ip if needed and possible
I am slowly working on to change them all over the site.

BLISS in SILENCE IS ... a desire rises and solves in its own completeness ... AGAIN BLISS in SILENCE IS ...

Blissiness Website: 23 december 1997 until Now - Paul Spauwen

Times are changing and i moved already from a house to a small appartment since 15 august 2016 i live in.
This webspace is old and i write not often more on it now. 5 august 2018

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Email is sri.blissiness@gmail.com


Blissiness is the mark on the whole of internet: unique created by Paul Spauwen Blissiness to find all things related in Google So google once on 'blissiness':)

When you still want to go to stuff out of date
Blissiness partial written in Dutch too