The cosmos is full of conscious energy lighted.
It is surcharged with conscious energy.
This energy is not localised at a particular point in space or time.
Though this conscious energy is all-pervading, man is unable to recognise its nature.
As he cannot recognise it, he presumes that it does not exist.

Look: just as space, consciousness expands and shrinks in.
Just transformation from visible into not visible and back again,
transformation from manifest to not manifest: it all happens with lightenergy and into the lightenergy.

Three endless performances Space + Consciousness + Light energy [and two modes: Manifest NOT manifest]
and one BIG IMPERMANENCE [changing] of all forms ,things, livings [either human, animal, floral and 'dead material']

Time does not exist: yesterday is not true [ = thoughts] {Present eternal moment is the only true} future is not true [ = thoughts]
The only 'time' is the eternal NOW moment...
Time is an idea just because of seeing manifest becomes NOT manifest and vice versa.

So now become aware HOW one sees the manifest side of someone and the hidden not manifest side of someone...
All possibilities [emotions etc.] all is present in this moment in every individual: BUT what is VISIBLE and what is HIDDEN?
Be aware!!! and use your intuition [antenna or thirth eye!!!]

A small gesture of HOW someone is putting some food into the basket for instance [throwing, laying, or?],
HOW many negative - and/or/both - positive is visible in the momentanuous behaviour?
How many acting is in the behaviour etc.
How is one clothed? How is one speaking [quick - slow and other parameters].
How is one feeling? How thinking, how this how that, how how how?
There is so much to see; a deaf one is a very good secure observer too.
What is, is not in question because 'what is' is static and dead, while HOW is dynamic and living.

Electrical energy flows continuously in the wires.
But, its presence is recognized only when a bulb is fitted and switched on.
Likewise, though is omnipresent.
This conscious energy will be most effective only by the one who recognise it in the light itself.
All energy is coming as light, changes into all other forms via waves into particles and mass in all forms we know...