Time is equal to eternity.
So do not hurry, because of time or eternity.
This is the first page made on a tablet as a way to meditate over eternity.

Overasseltse vennen

Editing in the night and lying into the bed is for becoming free of hurry and falling in a trance.
The sleep will come on its own accord.
Now the "watchtime" shows nearly 02.50 hours pm here on the earth area in the Netherlands near Nijmegen.
This is the 18 th line for editing this simple page.

Maybe this page is a notice board for writing in the night.

Like to write about a book just released.[written in Dutch!]
You are not. [in Dutch: Jij bestaat niet.]

It is not easy to describe what is in the book.

Jij bestaat niet

It is handling about something that is really not to describe in its core.

Last august days are rainy and there i got a nice colored Camilla, an Diefenbachia.

Dieffenbachia Camilla