All over this blue planet earth happens an 'emptiness' not to fill with material stuff , no just with love, affection, bliss from inside...
That 'emptiness' is filled never with all the substitutes of the worldly things; it is an 'emptiness' felt in the hearts.
A lack of selfesteem and love and affection with a lack of forgiveness too for the self and 'others' feelings...

All got it with a new spiritual birth and nowadays the animalistic stages of human behavior are somehow 'oldfashioned'.
We are not tribes searching for some food and other needs just to survive any longer...
The new search is for a better understanding for how we are independent of eachother and nature itself.
The meaning of the rituals is lost after 2000 years: we need a new active implementation of their meanings.
From now on the spiritual healing is coming: East meets West and integration and healing into wholeness will happen to BE.
It is just something that needs to come into manifestation in space and form in the material world we see all around.

Politics and democracy is often voting for some "personae" [Classic Latin: masks wherethrough voices of 'actors' sounding] in stead of voting
for the "Content" for the sake for the whole. Therefore we all have to look for our "role - choise - voting - playing" in politics.
Democracy is the "Want" of the people who want to play a "role" for the sake of the content, but...
True leaders are aware of this widened awareness; they help people to get some insight into the whole, not by compromising,
just by making their arguments clear and good to feel for what they stand for: the clear sake for the Whole of all content[ment].
Clear leaders act and do content[ment] instead of making theoretical non practical philosophies and compromises.
Democracy ask for clear aware content for all inhabitants.

Quantum mechanics: a thought is a gulf a wave in the mind BUT once fixed as a particle set on paper[screen] in a manifest form.
Not identified with and not fixed in mind, it does not come to a fixation on a paper[screen] and fades away as usual.
The [book-]film 'What the bleep do we know!?' [chapter 2: 9min57sec] speaks about 400 miljard bits per second as the workcapacity of the human mind:)
But we take notice from 2000 bits/sec as awareness information for use about time body and surroundings...

'Knowing' all about is just fine and good, 'Acting out' along with 'this Knowing' is the REAL thing to DO - ing and BE - ing :)...
in utter silence: just right words transforming into right actions for the sake of the wholeness.
Not perfection is the way; just totally involved with open pure attention and mindfullness for its own sake in the [f]actual moment.