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Ok, here is mindfullness and mindfull living every breathe in 24 hours: the concept of awareness, consciousness now and here or here and now!!!
Mindfull living is the same as meditative open living 24 hours a day: meditative in action BEING.

Reading so much about and with and over and does not matter how it is given form in words: Thich Nath Hanh.
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Thich Nath Hanh brings [us] to mindfulness which is always inside; if we mind it or not.
Thich Nath Hanh let [us] see how to BE meditative silence in action all the time [whether waking sleeping dreaming].

So just starting with the links to find out about:


Thich Nath Hanh: Plumvillage

HanH's books
Look by the way for meditation to "Peace is every step: the path of mindfulness in everyday life".
Translated in Dutch too as: "Iedere stap is vrede".
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archive 2005 28 dec.: Terug naar Vietnam: Thich Nath Hanh keert terug na 39 jaar ballingschap

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