New lives after new lives and reincarnation: like eternal life for what?

Today 16 november 2005 starting with a fresh new life.
It is more usual one dies and after that one come back into life in a womb again starting a new life.
I feel now as starting a new life, just with every fresh breathe in , leaving the old with a breathe out.

Good does not matter what i feel or others experience now.
Insteresting is the feeling / experience / idea:
Spiritual rebirth, reincarnation rebirth, rebirh in every breathe in:
Whatever you feel / believe / experience: why we get so much lives, so much time, so much experiencing into the 'material world'?

It is a question not new to me.
A Boeddha chooses free to come back into this earthly life and promise to do so until all people reach enlightenment.
Enlightenment is a pure conscious state, wherein one sees experiences direct what one is doing or doing not and consequences.

I guess we have 'eternal earthly life' until we reach an enlightenment state of being.
In that state you are really free and can choose to be reborn again or to stay out the chain of rebirth lives after lives.
I guess: after one has 'learned' enough, one is free.
So life after life we come to learn and help the whole we are born in.
No one is coming for free and for his own sake only.

Formerly i learned some: wherefor you are on earth? The answer was : to serve god and to be happy here and after the here and now.
The answer is: to serve the whole earth you are born into and to experience the bliss within everybody.
So als long some one has to learn , life continous and continous.