Mobile and writing on internet

Now i replace this to directory /mobile on this site. This is the link:

It is rather new to edit a page on a mobile

I want to try editing on the mobile.
It is now just in the night.
Some new adding here with two links.
Funny is this.

Getting a note for a perodical called :Inzicht [translated: insight], i made a phonecall to the publisher.
Stating i do not asking for their abbo on their periodical.

Too there was a flyer that i mentioned later on:)
That flyer contains a text very old and raised my attention again to a high level:).
I took the motorcycle and moved to the bookshop i used to go to for 14 years, while i was quitting with last year.
I was an whole afternoon in the bookshop looking around and over 30 books of the last 5 years take my attention.
From reading much seemingly new information, i got too again the feeling inside to see anew on the internet and i found what i was waiting for:)
Reducing time and space and gaining more insight on the developments today i follow the headlines secure.

Maybe the last period of needing outside information via books internet papers tv and all sources we ever used, is arrived.
I feel in a sure way this is the last step to worldwide growing in consciouss being for the united world conscioussness for ever...

May i end in the worship of the ones who brought me here and be gratefull for their grace and offerings.

The quantum leap by the critical exponent will be soon i guess so...
11 march 2011, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Blissiness aka Paul Spauwen or
Testing this pure