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Hello visitor,

How do you feel now? How do you do Now?

On behalf that this place is not a telephone there come now no answers...

This internet space is just a collection of many moods passing in the meditative balancing between being awake dreaming and sleeping.
All the moods and reflections come on their own accord and own time while 'i' am in some or other way not present.
The feeling of an 'i' disappears some how in the feeling 'just being present conscious' and some feeling 'freewheeling' inside
What i do really is put them in words, write them on a screen and put them all here on internet.

Reflection on the self is human and reflection on the Self is pure silence

The only moving you feel hear is the flow (in) and ebb )out( of breathing, like the ebb and flood tidal wash of waves of the oceanic sea

7 sources of Daily and weekly 'moves' in Consciousness : not permanent staying; just clarifying

Being patient and being a patient have a deep meaning inside intuition, feelings and understanding logic and beyond logic.
Being patient one can give love attention help etc.
Being a patient one need, ask, claim love attention help etc. **

It is an delusion this bubbling up ever stops, living is some how always growing and growing.

No matter what road i travel
I'm going home!



When we drop the fear of dying,
we no longer are afraid to live.

True living is letting go
of body and mind
every moment,
allowing all things
to exist
just as they are.

Dennis Genpo Merzel
[his book: 24/7 Dharma]
In English: look here for 24/7 Dharma too
If we know we are all over 77% water, like the surface of the earth is maybe over 77% water,
what is wrong in looking after the 'ways' water behaves on earth, in the nature and in side our bodies.
Maybe the main behaviour of water is always streaming, washing, purifying, recycling on own accord.
Even frozen into polar ice it can look like a eternal fresh water storage on earth.
Water has so many positive behaviors.
Tears have purifying task too.

It is puzzling out what to put in the first space on this page and awareness of this is now.
Just as seeing is touching with eyes, you go through a whole range of 'steps' to find out
if you reach out to 'identify with' or even 'reject'.
Just it is you who decides into every step you take: touching-seeing-reading, feeling, etc.
It is me who can not stop 'editing' and put it in easier words and new feelings that reach me every moment again.

It was on 15 oktober 2005 i see on tv a meeting between two people; one of them is Jane Fonda.
She says: what is found out as the most important thing is not being an interesting self....
Just being an interested self is the most important thing...

Ok for me it means i go as a wholehearted listening ear giving attention instead of taking it all from...
I was totally unaware unconscious what i was doing all the time setting my self apart in a prison like feeling.
It has nothing to do with really bad hearing at all i gues now.
I feel childish problems as nothing compared to the serious matter of grown up people.
Ok as a child thinking 'you have to be interesting etc. before you dare to talk or listen to others...
It has settled in my childisch mind then and grows to 'my' first nature and i am unaware of it too.
That was the 'main' delusion in my head i guess from childhood until eh my 56th:)
So if i look like talking to, i was really talking to myself to puzzle out to clear things...

All guilt, pain, tears, anger, fears and delusions coming in consciousness aware present now, seeing it all,
make me feel very unplesant/sick and let me going through a purifying changing process with in the end a rising in conscious feeling towards all others
i hope it change 'my' world definitive. Some practice will follow to prove it now.

No shame no blame left , just forgiveness to myself and a confession of guilt towards all my 'victims'.
Now i see my 'main' delusion[s], 'my' world changes definitive and wholehearted in 'one move' in all feelings
in my body, my head , my heart and whatelse i use to experience as 'my'.
May this 'new insight this 'one move' in 'my' consciousness become 'my' new identity.
May 'my' consciousness grow into a more cosmic one too.
'my' sharpening' of intellect [versus intelligence is a gift and inborn] i will use to overcome 'my' feelings of 'weakness' and delusions.
Now life goes on with more arduous experiences and new bringing in practice.


Blissiness find it by simple typing 'blissiness' in Google.
Blissiness is not a bissiness, it is just feeling joy in seeing rising consciousness awareness presence of and into
individuals, communions, cities, nations, religious people and earth-inhabitants from a individual consciousness to a cosmic consciousness.
feeling and experience of conscious aware presence in the now.
May this rising in consciousness become the real identity in all human beings.
This all is more and timeless possible by satellites, books, papers, tv, internet, mobile telephones and all modern media we have.
Direct very quick human interactions and experiences become possible as like in a 'nervesystem' of the earth.
Electricity and 'glassfiber' signals are quicker then light i guess.
May a possible sphere of fear of 'knowing not sure' exchange for one real sphere with compassion of love altruism.
May the feeling of compassion be the ground of doing and non doing, for instance just listening whole hearted.

Get it fresh from tv and recognize own experience and reading about [3 ways of input] now:
Feelings and moods are mostly strong signals to the mind and body consiousness.
Because the body is so gross we can not deny it and say that feelings and moods are signals of 'weakness'
Strong feelings and experiences likewise depression and many others possible to see as strong signals not to push away,
just to puzzle out and completing in relation to the whole [set of triggers] for getting 'topviewed experience'
of all details and understanding going through and in this way to overcome them, lived them through.
This takes sometime a long time and nowadays it happens faster and faster in human's consciousness.
Sure medication can help but not in pushing away all and leaving the real chance to 'go through a purifying experience' ** His Holiness The Dalai Lama *** Dzogchen: Heart Essence of the Great Perfection *** Dzogchen De hart-essentie van de grote perfectie

The Dalai Lama speaks about Love altruism and compassion: the appendix of that book: Compassion, the heart of Enlightenment.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's nobel lecture University Aula, Oslo, December 11th, 1989 *** Mother Teresa speaks
* * *

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Love is the never ending Source in all People ** blissiness weblog

wholehearted intention and wholehearted empathy and feeling inside towards each other rises feeling enthusiasm and bliss

We all are part of the whole, the whole give us all birth and sustainment sustenance understanding

Some body give this Bob dylan's Gotta serve somebody

Blissiness Blissiousness Bliss internet space

Reflection on the self is human and reflection on the Self is pure silence

The only moving you feel hear is the flow (in) and ebb )out( of breathing, like the ebb and flood tidal wash of waves of the oceanic sea

Eternal remembrance the seawater the womb of mythical mother earth and father sun
and the moon to create the balancing ebb and flood and wash of tidal waves like the breathing.
That origin is continuous repeating with the conception in the womb and birth of every baby.
That remembrance is continuous repeating in the feeling hearing of breathing all the days dreams and sleep.
The breathing and bloodflow of mother feels and sounds like the sea... tidal washing waves.
Monthly woman's cyclus is one 'moon' cycle of 28 days...
The conception of a baby (repeating the whole gene and dna evolution) takes 9 'moon' cylces of 28 'nightdays' about 260 'nightdays'.
The tides have about a 12 our cyle: within one 'nightday' it is 2 times ebb and 2 times flood.
the tidal waves are continuous as the breathing...
The Mayan calendar is until NOW based on this eternal remembrance of cycles.

Because of talking about the tidal oceanic waves and breathing rhythm...
Further the day- and night- rhytm is regulated by our oldest '3th eye' the pineal gland.
The '3th eye' the pineal gland is regulating the daily sleep- and awake rhythm.
This '3th eye' produces the hormone melatonin in daytime by incoming sunlight into the eyes and regulates our sleep-awake rhythm.
Therefore light-therapy is in use in winter helping overcome the winterblues depressions.
It is also called our intuitive eye, 6th chakra, extrasensory perception and much more to discover.

Source: The third eye *** Het derde oog

May the spiritual flame of light [feeling love and understanding attention] grow and widen in the consciousness of all people to cosmic properties.
Enlightenment is inborn in everyone, just clouded by overcoming so much 'problems' in the cycling transformation processes.
May the narrowing 'illusion' feeling fear exchange for the widening reality feeling blissious blissfull love

Behind agression, alienation, splitting and defense is seen illusion or not: fear (fright) anger and not knowing, not feeling etc.
Looking in dictionaries to seek the right words to be sure now.
This fear is often standing between 'knowing' and 'doing' guessing
This fear is polluting and very very very expensive.
Love is inborn in every being, because we are from conception until dying of the body.

Love is the real opposite of fear [Osho].

silence calmness peace contentment blissious blissfull blissiness after many many inner and outer tears


A human being is part of the whole, called by us “universe,” a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest –
a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for
a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison
by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

– Albert Einstein -

None of us see life as it is, the world as it is. We all see life as we are.
We look at others through our own likes and dislikes, prejudices and prepossessions, desires and interests.
It is this separatist outlook that fragments life for us – man against woman, community against community,
country against country. Yet the great mystics assure us on the strength of their own experience,
if only we throw away this fragmenting instrument of observation called the ego,
we shall see all life as an indivisible whole

Source: look at the Thought of the day, 9 november 2005


A Post-Traditional Religious Context

There is a striking lack of a vertical dimension, or upward pull, in our postmodern spiritual-but-not-religious culture.
That culture's pervading belief structures are unknowingly preventing the kind of evolutionary, or spiritual, development that it claims to champion.
Many have experienced states of consciousness that have revealed glimpses of higher levels of development
that dramatically transcend the insidious narcissism and endless self-referencing of our powerful egos.
But the ethos of the cultural context in which these experiences are occurring inhibits a natural desire or impulse
to rise up, to stretch, to consciously strive to reach those higher stages that revealed themselves
in the ecstasy of spiritual revelation. So, in the end, nothing actually changes.

Without even knowing it, we have become deeply cynical about our own potential to truly evolve in real time.
The problem is that we have no enlightened philosophical context, no ethical or moral code, no higher spiritual principles
that we feel obliged to uphold. That is, unless we feel like it. I believe that we need to create a new,
post-traditional religious context for the human experience, one that is based upon a consciously acknowledged aspiration and obligation to evolve.
The very nature of such a living, vibrant, intersubjective spiritual context implicitly expects, if not explicitly demands, a higher order of human engagement,
one that is based upon good old-fashioned virtues such as honor, dignity, respect, propriety, and loyalty
to the best part of ourselves—loyalty and obligation to that which is truly sacred, to that alone which gives life meaning.

- Andrew Cohen -

Source: Quote of the week, 4 november 2005


Man's vision, which is now turned outward towards the phenomenal universe,
should be turned inwards towards the Indwelling Spirit. One should manifest the Divine consciousness inherent in him.
He should submit himself to that consciousness as a spiritual discipline.
This is called "Conscious Realization of the Inner Divine." The first task is to develop awareness of the Divinity within.
The next stage is the realization of the truth that the divinity that is within oneself is equally present in all others.
One must recognize that the veil or barrier that appears to separate one from others
is born of delusion and every effort should be made to remove it.
Only then will it be possible to experience the oneness of all creation.

- BABA -

Source: Thought for the day, 9 november 2005


We all are pure LIGHT[energy] condensed in a manifest FORM [mass], coming from our SUN: it is only a matter of continous transformation- and changing- processes.
Earth 'produces' by means of earth water fire air [included all elements] the 'spirit' of all life, even human.
Evoluating from 'fishes' 'eggs' [sperm and eggs] by many cycles of transforming overlapping processes.
The whole evolution is continuus LIVING present in the LIVING genes and dna over 6 billion living people also the LIVING unmanifested blueprints [sperm+eggs] NOW.
Man goes through biological, psychological and spiritual cycling transforming overlapping integrating evoluating processes.
Man eats potatoes some vegetables and fish: it is one big transformation chain... of overlapping cycles.
There are nearly to little words to make it clear; so make your own too.
Human beings look also like 'burning candles' and the 'flame' light's many other candles...
The flame is seen now as growing consciousness in and between people: biological to psychological to spiritual cosmic.

So Einstein let see: E [energy-light] = m [mass] [c]2 speed of light] short E=mc2.
And quantum mechanica: in the same time particle-behavior and gulf-behavior of very small parts...
Gulf-behavior is like light-behavior, particle-behavior is like mass-behavior.
The human body include all: mass- , gulf- , biochemical electric nerve- , o2/co2 exchange- and other behaviors of energy-stuff.
Even all other forms not yet 'scientific' discovered.
A lot of is still waiting: intuition-waves, telepathy, clair-voyance,clair-hearing, clair-seeing etc.
A question rise: is the speed of electricity in the body, in nature [in general and in/out circuits] much higher then the lightspeed?
By the way one can say: we all come on Earth with the 'speed of light-energy',
have to learn as biochemical electric flipfloppers [TM hiphoppers] our 'lifelessons to serve the whole on earth' and after we succeed in that
we re-remember Enlightenment-state as reward and we can choose to come back on earth or not.

From Sunlight to foods to all other manifested forms, humanlike included.
Dead is a transforming process too from condensed spirit gifted light energy to ashes or elementary stuff again.
Nothing is going to disappear, only the outer forms change and transforms continous.
In Tibet until now live yogi's reaching a rainbowlightbody who after their 'dead' and after 7 days,
leave only hair and nails and no more dead stuff behind.
The other 'components' of their dead bodys become in falling apart rainbowcoloredlight.

Light body of the Indian Yogi's and Mystics:

The Tibetan book of dying gives an explanation what happens after the last breathing OUT.
Better does Tenzin Wangyal in his Dutch book 'leven en salpen als een droom' and his other books [see above links].

Very short:

1 th: the earth element MILT: the energy draws back from the milt [yellow light emanation] to

2 th: the water element KIDNEYS: the energy draws back from the kidneys [blue light emanation] to:

3 th: the fire element LIVER: the energy draws back from the liver [red light emanation] to:

4 th : the air element LUNGS: the energy draws back from the lungs [green light emanation] to:

5 th : the ether or space element HEART: the energy draws from the heart [ white light emanation ]

After that the body is really dead and falls back into the elements just as ordinairy people dying...

But the 'rainbow' body of spiritual far evoluated mystics and yogi's falls complete back in one movement
to the white light and its emanation as white light which is the origin of all human livings i guess now...
After seven days someone will only find his dead stuff as hair and nails...

Tenzin Wangyal Dutch book *** Tenzin Wangyal Books

Tenzin Wangyal wrote / writes books about yoga in waking, dream and sleep.


The Mayan Calendar:and the Transformation of Consciousness: 2012

The spiritual evolution from nomad-consciousness raising via tribe- , hunters- and farmers- to nation-, earth- into cosmic-consciousness.
It happens in 9 great integrating cycles which overlap and getting shorter in time and ending at the same time.
Carl Johan Calleman let us see we are in cycle of 12 years now.
The last cycle takes just one year 2011 - 2012.
True or not, science or fiction, it is a fascinating book with a spiritual evolution based on natural cycles in evolution.
It is not based on the very static movement of the sun, planets and the stars and written history at all.
The written history AFTER history has happened and is to much based on rulers, emperors and wars and to much religions.
So it is based on mistakes that keep repeating and repeating, democracy or not.
The Maya's have a calendar based on very clear natural evolution-cycles in human generations.
The moon cycle of 28 days has to a very clear meaning in this book, like the flow of the sea worldwide has.
Just like the 28 days cycle of woman and the time from conception to birth [about 260 'moondays'].
13 [+ 1 day new moon] x 20 is 260 [the growth in womb]: on this the mayan calendar is based.

Our january , february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december counting
is based on 12 moon months of about 29/30/31 days: it is a human construction based on the movement of sun, planets and stars.
After the roman/greek names of the first 8 months come september [7], october [8], november[9] and december[10].
The first 8 names based on names of ancient roman/greek? gods and caesar August [living round the year 0].
the 9th until 12th month have just ancient Roman mathematical names.
This is much more mechanical and mathematic and astrological and lesser natural.

A Dutch translation of the book: De Maya Kalender De transformatie van het bewustzijn

Dr. Hagelin: Pure consciousness: the direct experience of the Unified Field, is a fourth major state of consciousness,
physiologically and subjectively distinct from waking, dreaming and sleeping.
This was first discovered and published around 1970 by Robert Keith Wallace and collaborators.
But this experience is a temporary state at first. With regular practice of meditation,
the experience of universal consciousness becomes permanently established, so that it is
experienced ALONG WITH waking, dreaming and sleeping. This then constitutes a fifth state of human consciousness,
traditionally known as Enlightenment. In this state of 24-hour bliss, all actions are fully in tune with Natural Law,
which is spontaneously life-supporting.

Fear/fright and the wrong idea/feeling that one has to be interesting and has to tell something as good news allthetime
and the lack in 'knowing' : one can be just interested toward someone and be just a listening ear is enough,
made me often crazy...
So from now i am easy listening to the 'others', because i have plenty of ears:) to listen with.
Listening wholehearted and no distortion of 'background' terror:).

Blissiness weblog

A former classmate say to me: giving attention whole hearted is like going into the skin of a individu.
Trying to find out what are his needs , his searching for etc.
Trying to do that you leave behind all critic and 'own' talk/think/thought/feelings inside and being 'open' 'empty' for...
Pure attention giving.
So one can ask for and one can give that too.
Naturally everybody know this i guess, but actualising it is step two:).
Good, i was often so involved that i looks like 'you wanna hear nothing' and do not LISTEN.

Now everybody is warned:) and it is your free choice to read more or not:).

We all ARE CONSCIOUSness [or not] and we generate [eh oscillate:)] new lives conceptions in wombs, concepts in manifestations,
Yes we generate seemingly all there IS and all we 'know' even 'intuition' and 'feelings' as [emphasis now] on LOVE-empathy or fear.
Life is so amazing, miraculous, mythical, mystic and mysterious, fascinating and so on, we can't say no to it.
And if reached to one result, a more arduous one is coming; like after one moutaintop a higher one is waiting:)
And this is going on and on and never ending.
So seen one could not have 'lives' enough...
Just spiritual seen you learn enough and once illuminated fully, there is no need to 'reincarnation'.
Once learned you keep automatic in feeling mind.
If you grow from 'not experience' to 'experienced feeler'....
fully 'illuminated' you can choose to come back for helping other individuals as a Boedha do so.
Illumination is just like many experiences through too many lives and after many faults etc. guessing so.
Eh sorry, i get some 'chaotic' new input now:):
Remarkable: now is coming the idea: we are condensed energy coming from light sunrays with light speed and condensed in material forms.
Remember e = mc2 and some quantum mechanics with same time particle and gulf and the Tibetan yogi's who disappear their 'rainbow-colored-lightbodys',
leaving after seven days only nails and hair behind...
Even the bible says: first there was darkness and then LIGHT.

We are foodprocessors, timeprocessors, moodprocessors, generators of all it seems...bioprocessors biotransformators.
Before all we just ARE [CONSCIOUS] present in the NOW steady or just UNCONSCIOUS likewise dead corpses.
Generations and generations we ARE by means of one big gene[s?]bank processing by means of DNA and other A"s.
WoW we are bearers of a continuum in living genes/dna always in the NOW present.
We are geneprocessors , dnaprocessors, living lifeprocessors, pranaprocessors, vitallifeprocessors, breathing processors.
Not static , just very dynamic evolving processors, just biochemicalprocessors, biotransformators.
With some fantasy, some fiction, some chaos etc. and much reaching out.

DEAR VISITOR, are you still here?


What is your mood: busy or relaxed, depressed or loving, healty or sick, meditative or fearing, boring or just calm?

Silence, much space for silence now...

First of all i like to say i am NOT a professional scientific writer and basicly i write in/from the perspective of feelings/moods.
Logic and beyond logic and all other ways to see and write i use.
My first interest was biochemical science but i do not have enough motivation and power for that.
Lateron i try psychology but i was to much in 'trouble'.
Then i try to be carmechanic and lateron librarian.
I do that parttime study and i could not write a scriptorium to prove that i could integrate all subjects/lessons.
For the reason i was so involved privately in so much problems and feelings etc.
I was/am:) rather chaotic, so i settle not in some way: i was running around:).
So from 1986 until 2005 i had time enough to read books and to experience and to find out what was really recognized.

Often one was warned to believe nothing, because if the feeling of the real experience is not there,
the recognition likewise, the possibility to 'bridge' from 'knowing' to 'actual feeling' experience is not real.

So knowing is ONE, bringing it into practice, handling in that way you feel it and experience it yourself is TWO.
Often there is a GAP an EMPTINESS between both....
Lovely to talk about chaos and gaps between what you think and what you do:)
Many many people puzzle with this too.
I was going for some shopping food.
Chaos emptiness or not:
Bubbling a 'chaotic' set of questions come inside me:
Reflecting about speed: lightspeed, speed of electricity in circuits, nature and inside human beings, speed of magnetism etc..
Is the speed of electricity much more higher then the speed of light?
What does that mean for the speed of biochemical nervous electricity circuits in the human bodies?
What does that mean for the speed in processing thoughts, feelings, emotions and moods?
Is intuition and more interference between people relating with this speeds?
On which way we can relate it with human behavings?
What it means as 2 people are 'in tune' which eachother?
What it means for directing our attention from inner world to outside world?
And a lot of more questions.
If dreams are just workouts for the things we could not finish in daytime....
Then what has biochemical-nervic-electricity to do with some like projecting 'dreams' as 'movies' on the screen of our consciousness?
Where/how we store/save our data-memories on our 'harddrives' to see them lateron working out in dreams and dreaming?
Is it called just unconscious and were is the location of it?

Or are there some Unified field? cosmic consciousness fields in space time [Dutch] where all information is stored in?

Another link Unified Field another term for the Cosmic Consciousness

eh i was just looking tv a while before now:).
Sometimes zapping around and then arrived somewhere.
A computer is and very quick and very patient:).

A short example now in puzzling and figuring out: added after one night of sleep - being awake like and sleeping too.
It is a lovely thing to do that if you are in the night with the feeling plenty of time:).
What is time and the feeling of experiencing time?
Many people have 'no time' at all, so it seems they are 'all the time' they have.
How more one is identified with his/her job/activities, the lesser 'time' one has for relaxing etc.
For instance a very rich man can sure choose to what or who he gives 'his' time.
Better i can say that ALL people have this opportunity: they 'make' time or 'do not want to make time'.
Now the opposite: one who has 'all the time'. Some like this all the time very relaxed.
Others feel it as boring to have so much time and to live so long.
Notice the many ways of speaking about time.
Now i can say easy: time is a strongly feeling related manifestation.
Make/do something you like: love, deep identified working, a very nice trip or meeting and time sems not to be there:).
Do something you dislike as experience etc. and one minute is quickly an eternity.
Now i say the secret is: time does not EXIST at all: only the feeling of time.
Whether we look on a mechanical watch based on the movement of sun and stars etc....,
Whether we feel a yesterday and a future as existentional: we know it is always experienced into one big NOW PRESENT.
Because we have 'memory' and language we can 'think' and feel as if 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' exist.
Many people try to say: i have no time to their friends and other people often because of strong 'reasons'
But if for instance happens some unexpected that 'idea of time' can change dramatically too.
I say: we all make time for what we want or we have to or we are forced to etc.
Time is identification with in a sure scientific way.
Einstein maybe tells traveling with lightspeed, time does not exists at all maybe.
Time is a feelingbased, seasons and spatial objects related, way in thinking and thoughts.
If strongly identified with some or something: one has NO time left.
If not identified with some or something one has ALL time for meditation yoga and emptiness but total attention and awareness.
My nighttime is often without sleep, dreams and i stay looking at the 'stars moving in mind' or,
i experience emptiness as if i where dead: no activity in mind still alive and awake present now.
Time is very subjective and depends on strong identification or no identification at all...
The feeling of and the experiencing of time is too seemingly individual.
My idea of time is that it is based on our continuus balanced breathing in [life energy prana atman] and
and breathing out [dying - letgo - losing etc.] and our consciousness can every breathe in manifest in a fresh start.
this is maybe difficult to see: consciousness witness is the permanent: the content changes very rapidly.
Like the exchange of gasses in a 4 stroke engine: 8000/min then 2000/min is coming fresh in.
2000/ min old stuff is pushed out.
Like wise the heart [pump] has 4 chambers, one biochemical nervous electric ignition, sugar as fuel[medium] and blood [O2 and CO2] as transport [medium]
to reach all other cells in the body to produce [exchange] light-energy.
The heartrate balances between 0 until 300? cycles/min.
Where or what or who is the balancer of this wide range of speeds?
The man in the secondhand bookshop says: take time to time some your 'gass - accelerator' a little back.
We are all actual like 'burning candles- cells' with the electric biochemical nerve ignition lightsparkle deep inside the heart.
We are deep down inside the heart 'light-energy-processors' by means of sugar as basefuel, blood [O2-Co2] as transport,
and breathing [atman - prana] as reaching out, connected with the earth's nature.
Who knows there are sure possible things we do not prove until now: oscillating around us all, through us all,
exchanging telepathic information , intuition, aurafeelings, clairvoyance [third eye activity] clairhearing clairseeing clairfeeling and all that new manifestations.
Especially i play with 'clair thinking' and an open 'clair conscious' underlaying as basis in waking dreaming sleep range.
Maybe our influence to each other is much bigger as we discover until now...
Imagination, fantasy, feeling fascinating new concepts never ends: that is called evolution i guess.

I like to put away continous 'garbage' from the house every day,
even 'garbage' in the temporary files in the memory of the computer [virusses!!!) and even 'garbage' in 'my' mind:).
All what i feel as and experience as garbage can't settle in this way seen.
A man seen so is a spatial - time - feeling related conscious manifestation: every time fresh transforming.
Aha now comes up the word i make 'yesterday' : People are not only foodprocessors in a sure way,
they are also 'moodprocessors' and 'consciousnesscomsumerprocessors':) eh i forget 'timeconsumersprocessors':).
This intermezzo 'takes' some hours of 'time' , some hours of disappearing in fully engaged attention in emptiness:).
I have no idea how much time is spend in re editing this text and still there will be many grammatical mistakes:).
i do not bother about.

END of the INTERMEZZO******************************************************

Second i feel likewise chaos as a basis from where i puzzle out things concepts ideas.
I tried just to learn some languages and use often over 11 dictionaries for understanding and some translation:).
Included the dictionaries with origins of 'words' and how they develop between tribes, races etc.
included the dictionaries with semantic and synonimic interpretations too.
Much creativity start in a chaotic perspective.
Yes i know very well there can come more chaos:).
Many times chaos is moving to the other side into ...
Settled thinking in doctrines, axiomas, laws, fundamentalism etc. leave often no more space for brainstorming and creative processing.
Maybe i see this wrong and then i say: ok that is my way to find out things: sometimes often going against the settled and fixed.
To much fixation has no more space for creativity and a sort of growth i guess.
Many people did their own ways and path and found out a lot by doing so:).
By the way i am not bringing much news; many people discover what i puzzled out and i need so much more lifetime.
So if it is boring quickly then stop reading and turn the pages here away:).
Its free and it is taking only your 'attention and time':).

This webspace handle about 'MOODS', because i come into the feeling that strong experiencing 'moods' much more than all other things like
languages , sounds, pictures, movies, papers, tv etc. have direct [automatical nervoussystem] effect on the body.
Effects via 2 nervesystems for the body as on very quickly changes in breathingspeedvariability, bloodstream and all 'breaking downs' in the whole organism.
First all life streams stop, like for fight or fly as strong emphasis example: one funktions much lesser then 'normal'.
Naturally is the range between weak and very strong disfunktioning a very big one.

For instance loss of a child can create such a strong mood [shock] that people can 'fade away' at once.
More regulary one has an achilles heel [always the stomach, or always another weak place in the body is stressed].
It is rather individual, still we know it all i guess. Then i can say:
Moods are individual and general and depending on many inside and outside manifestations.
So there can be a ground for AND seeing it as individual AND seeing it as general: it is both/and/and.

Starting saying that where 'i' there is too possible to see 'you' 'he' 'she', even 'we' and 'they' and 2th plural 'you'.
Naturally there are many 'shared' 'moods' we all know very well, still there are more 'individual' moods too i guess.
Read for i too you he she we 2th plural you they and all other personal pronouns:).
Honestly i had so much 'negative moods' that i could not bear them at all:)
I was often 'totally' enslaved by them:).
Maybe many people and i 'set' 'myself' apart in a sort of prison... alike feeling eh...
Maybe this is the major motivation that i put it into language, try to verbalize it all so intense.
Every one is now free to read over and see this and can after own need reflect and meditate.
In the daily living it is feel as 'to heavy' and unplesant depressing stuff as i experienced.
Here it is possible to speak and write free about it all.
And in general many many people come out more and more with their feelings, emotions [emovere = move out?:)]
So EVERYONE is warned now:) and a warned individual counts for two is a Dutch expression and proverb/adage.
Hans Seyle has written many books on stress and the body etc.
Just all of us are 'insiders' in experiencing the whole range of moods i guess, individual or general or both...
The moods i speak/ write / verbalize the most are LOVE and the basic opposite FEAR [eh i read about and feel so to].
When LOVE is not there, the bliss of LOVE is absent and fear is present ruling over it.
SO the strong emphasis on love and right empaty versus fear.
Even if the stream of mood can be longtime in the 'same' mood, i exchange srteam of mood with stream of 'thoughts' very easy.
Breathing [prana - atman - lifeenergy] is strongly connected with a moodstream and thoughtstream as i experience it.
If i handle in a bad mood and against 'my' conscience , i feel it some way in my stomach for instance.
If i handle in a bad mood and against 'my' heartfeeling then it is far more resulting in VERY bad bodily feelings.
So moods are giving positively warmth feelings rizing OR negative 'cold' pain feelings and obstructions.


Now 'i' can after saying that all personal pronouns are maybe included, start about 'my' moods.
Are moods really created for 'individual use' or just necessary as inbuild alarm for the body in general?
That is a question we all can differ and have a 'individual' 'pronounced' idea:).

This webspace handles about the many 'mood's' i travel through during the daytime, dreams and sleep.
The underlaying background of the stream of moods is me as present aware consciousness: like a fourth state.
In that 4th state all the motions and pauses between i witness as a monitor, so i can try to describe them.
You can try to recognize them too.
The mood we all were born with is some neutral bliss inside not belonging to 'the worldy manifestations'.
The mood a newborn child has before starting to discover the outside world.
Everyone has a 'own' feeling into this world: still we recognize and talk about the same and give the moods 'names'.
We put our moods into words and voice and verbalize our moods into language[s].
Whether we guess there is yesterday and tomorrow; all the moods pass into the NOW steady.
Even if we 'remember' yesterday or 'think' about tomorrow, IT all happens into the NOW.
Yoga science and meditation in the daytime range , dream range , even in the sleep range with no mindactivity motion is based on this.
Likewise i/you/we am/are the non moving center of the wheel and the moving - activity is on the circumference.
The chain of moving thought activity is generated by breathing in and out and bound by it [atman - breathe - prana - lifestream].
No breathe - lifestream - bearer of prana, then one is NOT present aware now, a dead corpse, just elements of earth water fire air.
So awareness of a non moving presency in mind is like emptiness and dead but ONE DIFFERENCE awake and present into the now.
Try to fix breathe for a while after a breathe in: all thinking STOP!!! and you are present aware in the now.
Try to fix breathe for a while after a breathe out: all thinking STOP!!! and you are present aware in the now.
Whether doing a job, doing nothing or whatelse present awareness in the now stays.
If i ask where and who/what are you, you feel/know first just you ARE present NOW.
Subjective BE before all objects can come into consciousness.
All what you can see as an object is not you as subject.

It feels now as all people are continuus witnessing 'mood's' processing transforming - performing manifestations.
All people go and processing 'through' their 'stream' of moods everywhere as long as they can breathe.
It looks like the [prana - vital lifeforce bearing by breathe atman] generate steady 'different' moods.
And moods - feelings are much stronger 'forces' for the body as all else outer and inner manifestations.
The feelings in the body, often the stomach (everybody has a very special own area) seem to 'guide' us as i may say so.

Know that much elder people do not sleep anymore and still are awake present conscious without any activity motion in mind.
Yes that is really possible and i know myself this state which is named: turya, beyond waking dreaming sleeping,
just witnessing present awake conscious attention in being NOW.

Silence of blissiness

Love is the source of all and never ends.
Love is settled with our birth before fear was discovered.
Change fear into LOVE steady and continuous again.
Just like you do not like to collect garbage inside.
We like collecting the beautifull too INSIDE.

The GAP - EMPTINESS between knowing LOVE and actualising LOVE, practising LOVE can be bridged fully.
We do not have to collect LOVE because we ARE LOVE from the beginning.
LOVE is just clouded by fear during lives and lives, generations and generations.
Closing the GAP, the EMPTINESS inside, we need no things, materials, drugs etc. only remembering our inbuild , clouded LOVE

So let us generate LOVE: blueprint in our processing genes steady all the NOWS.
We feel maybe easier love for our house animals, because they give and give love too.
We feel the beauty of the nature and sunlightrays... because they give warmth...

Relate love with all other [un]manifest forms as war, defense, evil, egoism, , rejecting, sharpening communication, languages, hate and all you remember...
Just one: fear is the opposite, because love and fear can not be at once in one 'move' in the 'chain' of conscious present aware attention.
This 'chain' of moving thoughts is generated by breathing in and out and bound by it [atman - breathe - prana - lifestream].
So awareness of a non moving presency in mind is like emptiness and dead but ONE DIFFERENCE awake and present into the now.

Religion, race, color, theism , atheism and choicelesness other perspectives as nationrelated etc. exists because of fear maybe.
ALL PEOPLE ask respect, recognition, dealing with LOVE from the hearts, born with.
We all are the 'top' of a huge generation of parents, ancestors etc.
Look for one thousand generations back: maybe we are one big family tree.
We are really related to all of us.
We are really the bearers of the complete genebank, the blueprints that will manifest steady in the NOW.

The feeling of the opposite of love is destructing the body complete: all organism stops, breaks down, breathing is the best recognition.
Bloodcirculation and all organs are related by the both nerve systems; even the 'automatic' nervesystem.
So its like a feeling of fight or fly, exploding or imploding, taking or giving etc.
The extra accent on this all is for SEEING and FEELING it clear aware as for everyone wellknown.

Silence calmness contentment peace

Love is pure whole hearted empathy, always supported by intelligence even by intellect, pure always now present aware conscious attention.
Love is the source of all and never ends.
Love is an endless source always disponible being alone for oneself, being with people, being everywhere, being aware or not.
Because all people share in this source.
All people are born with this source.
All people live with this source.
All people die too with this source.
Love is called too pure Empathy
LOVE IS NOW ALWAYS PRESENT as the sun burns to all the night on the other side of the earth too.

right attention is as warm sunshine rays [Thich Nath Hanh]

If love is not CONSCIOUS, fear is ruling.
Love is called too pure Empathy again now.
Give a little bit of love and you will get lots of it: that is the secret:)
I forgive myself, my parents, my children and everyone i met/meet/will meet, only for clarifying,
I am sure they all do so to STOP the evolution train-chain-motion of fear inside all of us.
Because we all want peace, calmness, contentment, love, empathy with our whole hearts, leaving fear behind as unnecessary...

4th November 2005

Meditate on feeling apart , isolated, solitary , lonely versus being alone with oneself.

Because i lived longtime ,unknowingly of 'my' badhearing ears,
i was from childhood off until now feeling strongly apart in family, school, university, work, society etc.
In that beginning i have hard to work to hear some and i do not longer for futile trivialities so as child.
Also i see in that time 'my' childisch problems as 'futile trivialities too...
So i 'set apart' myself and i am unaware what i do all the time.
I become like schizofrenia and many more spendid terms found out in psychiatry.
Nowadays i am 56 and have made lots of 'victims' to overcome that 'eternal feeling apart'.
This new insight, new seeing , new perspective, new awareness present consciousness change 'my' world.
May this present awareness grow between all people , all tribes, nations, multinationals, families, clans, religions etc.
May this consciousness stay in working , playing , loving, living around the world over 6 billion people feeling together as ONE WE.


Now i meditate on this:

How do people in general (man, woman, children, married or single etc.) make [bad] [good] [use] of each others attention?
If people feel very isolated and solitary and sad, how do they overcome that?
By the use / help by hard working, from other people, drugs, buying unnecessary trivia?
Naturally i put now accent emphasis stress on the 'use and misuse' of asking attention of others and especially from children.
I see for instance the feeling that i ask 'more' of my children than my children can ask me...
That is my discovery until now and there fore i meditate strongly on the right sort of empathy understandable toward people in general now.
Do i have the heart on the right place? Is my intelligence and intellect support for helping with the heart?
This meditation will not end; it will bring more and more and more.
It takes at last and at least for me 56 years to come to this present awareness and consciousness.
And i do just my 'homework' over and over as usual...

Meditating in Daytime

When the obstacles in the path of truth are laid low, deliverance is achieved.
That is why moksha (liberation) is something that can be won, here and now;
one need not wait for the dissolution of the physical body for that.
Action must not be felt as a burden, for that feeling is a sure sign indicating that it is against the grain [HEART red. blissiness].
No action which helps your progress will weigh heavily on you.
It is only when you go counter to your innermost nature [HEART red. blissiness] that you feel it a burden.
A time comes when you look back on your achievements and sigh at the futility of it all.
Entrust to the Lord, before it is too late, your mind, and let Him shape it as He likes.


Meditating on the Night

Just be alone, sit silently, look into the darkness. Become one with the
dark, disappear into it. Look at the stars — feel the distance, the
silence, the emptiness, and use night for your meditation. Sitting in the
bed doing nothing...just feeling. Many people are completely unaware of
the beauties of the night...and night is tremendously beautiful. It is the
right time for meditation.

In yoga psychology we divide human consciousness into four stages. First
we call the waking state of consciousness, the day consciousness. You
work, and you appear a little alert. And the second we call the dream
consciousness. You are asleep, but dreams are running like a procession.
The whole mind is in a traffic jam. Then the third state we call sleep,
when dreams have stopped. And the fourth, we simply call the fourth, but
it is closest to sleep. It is just like sleep with only one difference,
and that is that one is alert in it. It is as silent, as deep as sleep,
with just one plus — that one is alert. In sleep you are completely
unconscious. In samadhi, the fourth state, you are absolutely silent, yet

So night in the past has been used for meditation. The day is too worldly
— the night is very spiritual. So start using the night more and more. By
and by you will feel so tremendously in tune with night. By and by the
whole world goes to sleep. Everything stops — traffic stops, noises
stop...the mundane world is over. People — their unconsciousnesses, their
criminal attitudes — have all disappeared into sleep. The atmosphere is
absolutely jarring note.


It was on 15 oktober 2005 i see on tv a meeting between two people; one of them is Jane Fonda.
She says: what is found out as the most important thing is not being an interesting self....
Just being an interested self is the most important thing...

3th november 2005 i added this:
During this last week a deep feeling come into me:
Deep Inside the eternal fight between the listening? sharpening mind and the REAL listening heart comes to an end.
The sharpening critic mind sees the reality of the listening open heart: pure attention for...
The mind becomes the tool of the heart.
input coming from the 'outside' by the 5 senses AND from the 'inside' coming from the mind
have now 'taxfree' to pass the gate of the open heart listening....

The gap between 'howto do with the mind' and 'only knowing it all with the mind' is closed by accepting the feelings of the heart.

In the out reach to the outer world: the mind becomes a practical servant for practical help and support.
The listening heart is the watcher as just being present and alert attention.
Easy saying: the heart listens and the mind supports that listening...
Whole hearted Listening is the main 'activity' does not bother if it looks like 'non-doing'.

2th of november 2005 i added this:

it does not matter who or what you are and you do not have to be afraid to have to tell something important or to be important.
(yes really i was in that strange thinking 'prisonned' as my way to say it).
If one just have an open ear and listening heart with no shattering mind on the background: THAT is far enough to BE as present.
Just listening in that way gives the other the possiblility to speak out his/her pleasures and pains whithout FEAR for rejection,
to reflect to another individu that LISTENS.
Listens with open mind and with the heart i describe it now in that way.
That needs no comment or answers only pure attention...
The other has not to be afraid of asking your attention and you know how to give it...
And the listening individuum is open minded and listening with the heart and pure attention...

I recognize this again with a shock; i guess part of depression has roots in that statement:

When someone gets some experience in listening that way, one discovers after a time one is a great help.
One discovers that the others have the same needs and problems often.
One discovers after a long time that one's own problems 'solves' into the broad and great LISTENING with heart and open mind.
An experienced LISTENER looses in that way 'his/her' need to ask attention for 'his/her' problems possibly in the long run.
And it gives a very good feeling just to be and to be a good listener and only with that listening to HELP another...
Thats the secret that many people know and have: Good listening open minded and whole hearted.
Sharping the intellect they hold for purifying their own mind-lives; not for that of others to critizise or being a critic etc.
Thats Just what Osho tells: all people hanker after some approval and recognition...
In that way seen we all are beggars and begging for some recognition etc.
So giving attention is helping to heal the other with his own coming outs in speaking etc.
It is more than enough just to listen whole heartedly...
For me it comes as a BIG SECRET, this knowing about listening and willing to listen.

Silence for a moment

Reading so many 'books' that i want to give reading up...
The all over message is:
Real bliss is not coming from the outside.
Why? because real bliss is something for ever; that means nothing can destroy it, all outside happenings included.
Real bliss is coming from the inside of every living man.
That what is subject of changing cannot be real for ever.
So real bliss is something inborn in every man: if we find it or not.
Guessing it is true that someone has to go some more inward to find out for that.
That is exactly what many books try to help to see.
It is a matter of consciousness too: so something like 'blissiousness' is in every man as some silence of thought it feels.
It feels like the wondering of a child that knows no language to express it; it stays in the wondering...
It stays in the wondering about for instance a wonderfull sunset or sunrising Experience in the NOW [forget the language please]....
Good, just because of being human, i too suffer from seeking real bliss by means of the 5 perceptory senses,
comes this following alinea's in 'my' mind setting up from NOW and HERE.
Because of the seemingly worldwide belief that bliss comes from the outside:
Talking about blissiness can not happen alone; the balance is too swinging to the otherside.
That is what happens in this small first page now.

Today it is 22 oktober 2005: one interpretation can look like: DEPRESSION PLANET EARTH WIDE!!!
The 'strong healty' people are 'healty' in their homes, in their work and in their politics and they are 'happy'. The others are sick and weak i guess.
But look into the world how much real happiness 'rules' over the planet!!!

One interpretation can be: the world is sick and i am sick too.
And i guess a well feeling, well thinking individual has to be sick in this world we develop to sickness.

One interpretation can be: I should be ashamed as a real alien come onto this planet earth...
Yes, we seem to have all there is... even all diseases.
Over 6 billion people live onto this earth as we know and we can see this planet from a distance...

Just look how many of them have enough food, enough good homes, enough pleasant jobs etc.?
I have a strange habit: reading every day the paper and looking tv for the'news'...
I guess i do because my dad did it too and to long...
one interpretation can be: I get sicker every day i guess and i should give up that strange habit, but i can not...
Look at the struggle, at the diseases, at the fightings, at the 'nature's disasters.
Look at the fact that every 'normal' individu 'must' have seen this whole world by flying around.
Look at the facts that grow into disasters for 'our' children.
lateron i describe that the 'future' is already in our genes NOW.
One interpretation.... : Many of the of over 6 billion people have not enough food , clean water and other common stuff as heatings houses etc.
One interpretation.....: a very upside down world to think we live in a 'healty' world.
So This one interpretation comes to a very rare statement: The sick people are not so sick as we guess....
One interpretation: This world is ruled by 'phatologos-cratien' or 'astenocratien' or 'aliencratien' is a possibility too.
Alienating as differentiating move versus integration as move.
One interpretation: The alienating and nomading has settled in our minds too.
All 'nomadic behaving' multinationals will see sooner or later their own tails too; because this planet earth is so small.
The key is maybe some real integration: seeing all [life] is interdependent.
The so called 'healty' people: its a matter of time we call them sick too.
I mention too our tvprograms with their interventions of sickmaking sellings etc.

And i do not use logic.
But if i use logic too: then i see this: only very bad happenings 'open' eyes, makes consciouss what is happening really.
Mankind learns only AFTER making faults and wrong political decisions i guess.
One interpretation: Maybe therefore develops the 'flying around the world cultus' and the medium Internet...
To open eyes , to learn to see the reality : from over 6 billion realities to ONE planet reality...
From nomads to multinationals: its a small step, the multinationals are the modern nomadic 'rulers' i guess.
People stay nomads in a sure way... modern times or not.
The funktion of 'moving' is now by plane or by zapping around at tv and internet.
One interpretation: The many 'depressive' making happenings help open eyes and develop consciousness...
So what happens by flying around and the growing media internet is ok.
Alienating multinationalbehavings will be snakes that end up in finding their own tails,
guessing its all a matter of time: the seeds of NOW are the containers of 'the future seeds' too.

That i live as a child and have some belief in the year 2012 and the Maya's does not change the above interpretations.
Today 15 oktober 2005 i see on tv a meeting between two people; one of them is Jane Fonda.
She says: what is found out as the most important thing is not being an interesting self....
Just being an interested self is the most important thing...
Thats Just what Osho tells: all people hanker after some approval and recognition...
In that way seen we all are beggars and begging for some recognition etc.
I recognize this again with a shock; i guess part of depression has roots in that statement:
I know very well that lack of interesting toward others is the main cause of [my] depression too...
Sicknes or not: re remembering and come to awareness and consciousness is possible with every new breathe in...
Because of this reason i loose all possible friends in [ my ] life i guess now...
How often many people ask me : how do you do?; but i hate that question , because i could not ask so...toward others...
Maybe it is a good medium for meditation and take distance of depression...
Just asking: "how do you do?" or 'how do you feel today?"... to others...
Showing or being a real interesting self is a great secret i guess... and not so easy for much people.
I for myself know all about by showing to often the "wrong" ways...

Grubbing and looking in 'my own' mind ['s content] , i dig and dig and dig...
Emptiness is all i find ; it looks like feeling disappointedness in life...
But by reading and reading and reading i discover the reality of that emptiness.
We all live always in the now, the only living moment we have all...
Even yesterday we see in the now; tomorrow we consider in the now too.

Living means really a continuum of changing into that 'emptiness' we all are made off.
We are the screen, and that continuum of changing IS 'our' life...
Accepting this reality is going with the stream; not accepting is asking for problems i guess.

Every breathe in we take some 'news' or not, and every breathe out we can leave the 'old'.
Because emptiness feels strange and boring we seem to need al the way some feeling some tension.
Well, forget your 'own emptiness' and read the papers, look at the TV etc.
There is enough tension in the world... but keep in mind what you really try to find.
Seemingly empty and confronted with the papers and tv one should becoming depressive...

Serious strong Depression feels like a prison for 'your' 'thoughts', but you are just the witness of that prisonlike feeling...
Then I GET IT!!! YES i get it...
When we very accurate listen to 'the other' we hear 'his-her' delights, joys, experiences, problems etc....
NOW the core: in a sure way we recognise it as if we hear the 'usual talk' of our own minds:)...
I guess this is the core secret of people who know reality really.
Listening and reaching out to 'the other' is as good as listening to 'our inner voices'.
The recognition is the keyword: we all go the same path and still 'our individual and unique path' inside...

When i see this , i understand all people are struggling with the same 'emptiness' and fullfillingness.
They all try to overcome what is happening to them in that emptiness-feeling...
They all fill their lives with it; better is saying: THATS LIFE; thats all and it is ok.
Listening to and reaching out to 'the other[s]' is one way to overcome...
Meditate on 'the same emptiness' is another way.
Nothing is wrong , nothing is better, just accept and play 'your' role in the processing of the whole.

If you start thinking - moving in thoughts - , you leave reality as coming through the 5 body-gates;
returning to No-mind, you enter reality again...

Thanks to 'my' father and mother now and here: they made 'my' FORM MANIFEST into this HOLY WORLD.
'my' father used to say: "if you have nothing to DO, take a BOOK and READ some...".

Bliss-I-ness Space in Consciousness : synonymous with eternal nondualistic Absolute Permanence : transformation in time - space

Blis s-I-ne ss ~ Pe ace ~ C almn essSantosham (contentment)
Santosham (contentment) Peace Calmness is higher then joy...

Nothing can disappear, nothing can be added, BECAUSE all material things just do change their FORMS and OUTER MANIFESTATION.
If we die, we just change form[s] and return back into the elements we were build upon or from.
No mass, no energy, no water, no FORM can ever be spoiled, BECAUSE all things just do change their MASS, FORM and ENERGY...
All creations ever FORMED are conceptual here and now still PRESENT; manifested or unmanifested....
So the magic of the gene and dna powers DO ALWAYS HERE AND NOW contain ALL HUMAN LIVES as SEEDS , blueprints, unmanifest future generations...
So the future HUMAN BEING[S] ARE just POTENTIAL UNMANIFEST PRESENT here and now in the GENE and DNA: human eggs and seeds...
It is a matter of space and time before they turn into the MANIFEST WORLD TOO...

IT IS A REAL FASCINATING and WONDERING to re - remember what
Ramana Maharshi already says:

There is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free will, neither
path nor achievement.
This is the final truth.

This is just a very logical statement on ground of the nowaday reached 'knowing' on beta-universities.
The whole outer world is just a play in manifestations of changing forms...
The idea of quantum energy : together the same is one moment a particle, but seen also as a gulf a wave too...
The whole concept contains the idea that the FORMLESS UNMANIFESTED [light] energy can change to ALL MANIFESTED FORMS with a BODY!!!
It all starts as conceptual formless [light]-[Mass]-[speed] - energy in space and in consciousness [these both are synonimic].
The whole POTENTIAL WORLD of forms is yet unmanifest present and evoluating and unfolding its blueprints into form and manifestation.
Its a rather amazing magical feeling, just to have this conceptual 'thoughts' which evoluate by further playing with the CONCEPTS.
Mystic, mytical, mysterious, magical, wondering is the only ingredient one needs to figure out the formless growing into the world of billions of forms manifested and unmanifested.
E=MC2 is the wellknown formula of Einstein.
[ some deeper and more difficult setting of this formula not known by me:) E=(m*c^2)/(1-q^2/c^2)^.5

E is energy
M is mass [red. blissiness]
q is the speed of mass m
c is the speed of light

Its also known that India's Yogi and Mystics leave 7 days after their dead, just leaving behind some hair and nails!!!
Because they reached the 'lightbody' before dying...
Human beings are really 'out of [sun]light energy builded beings, just stabilized in some materialized mass-energy-form.
We are all like burning candles on this blue earth.

The candle is our body fed by the sunlight and the earth...
The flame is 'our' consciousness we live in and we regenerate by giving it to 'our' children and children's children and so on...
This eternal consciousness is still growing from the 'unknowing darkness' to the eternal 'knowing light'...
There are only two types of human beings: the one who 'IS knowing really' and the one who 'IS NOT in that 'knowing' arrived...
That 'knowing really' is knowing by heart and has nothing to do with intelligence or intellect or learned stuff...
Its rather like 'spiritual and mystic' knowing... we all are equal born with... and we have to re - remembering again...
The awake one can not make the mistakes made by the not awake one...
Once you 'learn' something , you can handle it without further 'thinking about'...
It is now part of your automated and spontaneous right handling...
For instance: so once you learn to swim , you ask NEVER again HOW you have to do that; you simply swim...
We get the light from the burning candles of our parents and all their ancestors.
Be aware, keep in mind, that you are the top of a 'building' of living consciousnesses before...
If you go back over 100 generations , you can count and see you are inter-related to all human beings,
Only on the determination of your gene and your dna families etc.
Can you imagine your Origin by going 1000 generations back in time...
That what you really are living and breathing here and now has its roots deep down throughout time and space.
Your real 'birthdate' is seemingly the 'time or date' of 'your' conception: the union of mothers egg and fathers semen...
That date is generally about nine months before coming out the womb of the mother....
BUT in real seen eternity all blueprints of all living beings are NOW and HERE PRESENT in the gene and dna of the now and here Living human beings.
It is a matter of 'spatial-time' manifestation[s] that steady merging of gene and dna out of the unmanifested 'reserves' of humanity comes into life...
Our roots are permanent present from the first big bang until the last collapse of our star called SUN...
So i can clearly declare that all conscious being; unmanifest and manifest IS HERE AND NOW PRESENT!!!
Just 'our' short bodily forms prevent us from seeing the vastness in spatial-time manifestations...
Nevertheless the whole of life is yet present: 6 billion people generate steady 'new' life forms; the blueprints are ready...
- silence now -
IN THE 'MOVES OF YOUR MIND' with you as eternal WITNESS with every inhalation and exhalation of fresh ATMAN [breathe]...
Your witnessing is the PERMANENCE in that everlasting IMPERMANENT transformation...

As proof THAT we are all pure CONSCIOUSNESS, we 'need' on the street 'our' artificial constructed 'identity': not more than a paper identity:
A name given by our parents, a date we come 'on earth' from a mothers womb, a place where the mother stays at that time.
So a name, a date and a place and some parents information in the 'wedding' booklet.
Further the institution and head of that institution also with a date of deliverance of the paper.
The momental adres maybe and strong marks to prevent easy copying the paper...
and naturally a signature of the 'owner' of that identity...
I forgot even the photo that needs renewing each five years...

Really we were babys in that time, on that place etc.
The reality is we are not 'our' bodys; we are the conscious indweller or witnesses and that witness is a permanence!!!
And that faculty we have 'common' with every living being during 'our whole lifespan'; so the body changes, the mind changes, the level of evoluating changes every moment!!!
The baby born in that time and place is steady transforming to that elder human being...
'Our' identity is fleeding and just build on one moment of the whole eternity...
So it is clearly an artificial product in the name of easyness and for common daily ease...
It has nothing of eternal inside in that paper: the paper must be renewed once in 10 year at least:)
Still our real being is permanent awareness as witness of all movements in our minds...
That permanent awareness needs no paper identification: it is always HERE an NOW STEADY...

^>>> from 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 28 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nearly 56 >>>^
^>>> 1950 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1977 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2005 >>>^
^>>> really is the material outer form so changing, transforming so quick...., still we think we are permanent:) <<<^

What Permanent IS , IS really 'our' PRESENCE and awareness, witnessing concsiousness SELF; without the content i mean now

Push on the burning candle... if you like it:)